Aleksandar Dimitrijević

Aleksandar Dimitrijević

Visual artist
Born 1977 in Užice, Serbia
Currently lives and works in Užice, Serbia
PhD, Department of Fine Arts, Academy of Arts Novi Sad, Serbia
MFA, postgraduate studies (completed 2010), Departments of Visual Arts and Drawing, Academy of Arts Novi Sad, Serbia.
BFA, Department of Visual Arts and Painting, Academy of
Arts Novi Sad, Serbia.


Painting No.1
_Artifact / Erased paintings_2018._16x (60x 80cm) Each _Overall_240x 320cm | _ Acrylic and oil on canvas


Painting No.2  
Erased paintings_2018._170x 170cm_ Acrylic and oil on canvas


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2020|From the lives of others, Reflector Gallery, Užice, Serbia

2020|Time of otherscurated by Marija Stanković, Rima Gallery, Kragujevac, Serbia

2020I constantly feel like eating sweetscurated by Mia David, with M. Crnobrnja, Navigator Art Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2019Appropriation of traces from the lives of others, Pavilion of Prince Milos, Aranđelovac, Serbia

2017Playground, curated by Aleksandra Lazar, Drina Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2017Second hand paintings, Street Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2017Clothed paintingsVol. II, with Danica Karaičić, Gallery Reflector, Užice, Serbia

2015Playground, City cultural center, Prijepolje, Serbia

2015Playground, City cultural center, Užice, Serbia

2015Playground, Gallery Prototype, Belgrade, Serbia 
2014The point of view, City Cultur

2014The point of view, City Cultural Center Gallery, Požega, Serbia

2014Idleness, Youth Cultural Center, Pančevo, Serbia

2013Inversion, City Gallery, Užice, Serbia2013Clothed paintings, with Danica Karaičić, City Cultural Center-Užice, Serbia

2012Reconstruction of the game VI, Contemporary Gallery Smederevo, Serbia

2012Reconstruction of the game III, Ozone Gallery,Belgrade, Serbia

2012Reconstruction of the game II, Modern Gallery, Lazarevac, Serbia

2012Reconstruction of the game I, Cultural Center Ribnica, Kraljevo, Serbia

2010Paintings and drawings, Remont Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2010Paintings, Belgrade Youth Cultural Center-Dom omladine, Belgrade, Serbia

2010Puzzle-interactive Paintings-M.F.A. Gallery at Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia

2010Idleness (paintings), Contemporary gallery, Pančevo, Serbia

2010Paintings, curated by Saša Janjić, NOVA Gallery Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

2008Idleness (drawings on paper), Gallery Belgrade, Serbia

2005Paintings, City Gallery Užice, Užice, Serbia  

2004Drawings, Shock Gallery-Art+Klinika collective, Novi Sad, Serbia

2003Paintings, Old space Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia


2020On celestial bodies, curated by Kevser Güler, Arter, Istanbul, Turkey

2018Limitedcurated by Uroš Đurić, Vuk Vidor, Mihael Milunović, 29thMemorial of Nadežda Petrović, Čačak, Serbia

2018|Triptychcurated by Daina Maja Titonel,MAC Maja Contemporary, Rome, Italy

2018|Age of Renewal II, Reflector Gallery, Užice, Serbia

2018|Color Lucida, curated byAleksandra LazarCultural Center of Serbia, Paris, France

2017|Almost resistance(Association of visual artist Užice), Gallery U10, Belgrade, Serbia

2017Best of the best, Gallery of Art, Temple University, Rome, Italy

2017|HeterotopiaSpaces of truthcurated by Ivan Suković, CBA-Serbian HouseLondon, United Kingdom

2017Interruption, COBA-ContemporaryBalkanArt, London, United Kingdom

2017|Age of Renewal,Reflector Gallery, Užice, Serbia

2017|Borderland Esccurated by Anuk Miladinović, Reflector Gallery, Užice, Serbia

2017|Balkan Party, MAC Maja Contemporary, Rome, Italy

2016Spotlight, Herman Miller showroom, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

2016Aqusition, City Gallery in Požega, Serbia

2015Low Cost Exchange, Remont Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2015Low Cost Exchange, Halle 6, Munich, Germany

2015Konnektor#35, Hanover, Germany

2014Excellent 5curated by Saša Janjić, New Moment Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2014There is no I, W139 Art space, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013Konnektor#21, Hanover, Germany

2013Art & Gin, PopUp exhibition, London, England

2012Collection, Cultural center Belgrade, Serbia

2012Arrivals/ Departures, Interaction 2012, City Gallery in Požega, Serbia

2012Mangelos Award, five finalists, Remont Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2012After communication, curated by Sladjana Petrović Varagić, XVI Spring Annual exhibition of art, Čačak, Serbia

20123x3x3, Mixer-festival, Belgrade, Serbia

2012Preslisavanje 3, Remont Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2O11For kids and adultscurated by Una Popovich and Dušica Dražić, Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Belgrade, Serbia 

2011Energy pluscurated by Sanja Kojić, 40thArt salon in Novi Sad, The Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodine, Novi Sad, Serbia

2011| Donumenta Serbia 2011, curated by Miroslav Karić, Regensburg, Germany

2011Algebrac. team: V. Lakićević, M. Karić and J. Veljković,ITS-Z1 International test site, Belgrade, Serbia

2011Fresh, Colorful and Delicious, curated by Saša Janjić, Lukas Feichtner Gallery, Vienna, Austria  

2010International Biennial of Miniature Art, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia

2008Art and communicationcurated by Saša Janjić, Telenor collection of Serbian modern art

200820th Regional salon of Art-Užice, City Gallery, Užice, Serbia

2008Henkel Art Award 2008curated by Slavko Timotijević, finalist exhibition, Belgrade, Serbia

2008Vienna Art Fair 08, with Remont Gallery-Belgrade, Vienna, Austria

2007Sklavko, Realization of a Mural in Užice in the public area (10x14m)

2007Dislocation of a viewcurated by Artistic association Protok,The Museum of Contemporary Art, Banja Luka 

2007Library-Open book of the Balkanscurated by Božidar Plazinić, Čačak, Serbia, Sarajevo (B&H)

2006Art, life and confusioncurated by René Block, 47th October Art Salon, The Museum of 25-Th May, Belgrade, Serbia 

2006Art+Klinika workshop show, The Museum of Srem, Sremska Mitrovica; Modern gallery, Kragujevac, Serbia

200618th Regional salon of Art-Užice, City Gallery Užice, Serbia

2005Mangelos Awardcurated by Radmila Joksimović, finalist exhibition, Cultural center Rex, Belgrade, Serbia

2005Sketches for a Future Exhibition in the Future Museum, Art+Klinika collective,    

          The Museum of contemporary art Vojvodine, Novi Sad, Serbia

2005Artistic Scene in Novi Sad, curated by Darka Radosavljević, Remont Gallery, with N. Džafo, D. Stošić and V. Ilić

200416th Regional salon of Art-Užice, City Gallery Užice, Serbia

2004Promising 2004, Multi Media Center of Contemporary Art LEDART/ Art+Klinika collective, Novi Sad, Serbia


2020| Editor of a three-year catalog of the association of visual artist of Užice

2019|Reflector Gallery, plan and program

2018|Take Art with you, screen printing workshop, Trag Foundation, active communities

2018|Reflector Gallery, plan and program

2018| Video Park, Festival of Contemporary Art, Erste Foundation, Superste program

2017| Establised a Gallery Reflector in Užice, plan and program for 2017th

2016| Established a Center for Visual Artist, the Association of Visual Artist Užice and Reflector Gallery, 

          Residence for artist as well as formation of a studio for younger artists from Užice

2015| Picasso in Užice, Print from private collection, Curator, Museum of city-Užice, Serbia

2014| There is no I, W139, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013| Clothed paintings, with Danica Karaičić, City cultural center-Užice, Serbia

2008| Smell, try, write, Night of the Museum, with T. Janičić and M. Sigeti

           Curated by Svetlana Mladenov, the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia

2007| Realization of a Mural in Užice in the public area (10x14m)

          Supported by Telenor foundation and NGO Kiosk-Belgrade, Serbia


2015Residency at Halle 6, München, Germany

2014Residencyat W139 Amsterdam, Nederland

2014International Art Colony, Monastery Mileševa, Serbia

2013International Art Colony, Monastery Studenica, Serbia

2012International Art Colony, Monastery Gradac, Serbia

2011Residencyat OberpfälzerKünstlerhaus, Schwandorf, Germany

2007InternationalArt Colony, Jalovik, Serbia

2005| Summer workshop, Art Klinika & Led Art, Novi Sad, Serbia

          Sketches for a Future Exhibition in the Future Museum,

          The Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad, Serbia

2004Real presence workshopCurated by Biljana Tomić,International review of young Artists,

          The Museum of 25-th May, Belgrade, Serbia

2006Fond for Young Talents, scholarship, Serbian Ministry of Education



2019| Award for contribution to the development of culture, City of Užice, Serbia 

2018| Jelena Šantić Foundation Award for the contribution to new models in culture, Belgrade, Serbia

2OI2| Artist Award on XVI Spring Annual exhibition of art, Čačak, Serbia

2012| Finalist, D.B. Mangelos Art Award, Serbia

2011| Big prizes, Еnergy plus, 40. Art Salon in Novi Sad, Serbia

2008| Artist Prizes, painting, 20th Regional salon of Art-Užice, Serbia

2008| Finalist, Henkel Art Aword, Serbia

2005| Finalist, D.B. Mangelos Art Award, Serbia

2004| Artist Award, drawings, promising 2004 MMC Led Art+Klinika, Novi Sad, Serbia

2004| Artist Prizes, painting, 16th Regional salon of Art, Užice, Serbia


– Foundation Arter Collection, Istanbul, Turkey

– Luciano Benetton Collection, Italy                                    

– Telenor collection, Belgrade, Serbia

– Mr. RenéBlock collection, Berlin, Germany

– City of Belgrade art collection, Serbia

– Cultural Center Belgrade collection, Serbia

– Cultural center Požega collection, Serbia

– Numerous private collections in: Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands,   

  Norway, Serbia and the U.S.


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