Annabelle Schatteman

Born 1971, Ghent Belgium
Currently works and lives in Den Haag, the Netherlands
Studied art in Ghent, Shanghai and Den Haag

In her art Schatteman is telling stories. According to Schatteman, stories are the only way not to forget and to transcend time and space. Besides constructing her own narrative, she is inspired by the commonly known iconografy of the female. In her own narrative she focusses on the warrior woman with her paradoxical strenght and the mother who is the embodiment of life and death. She is always looking for new ways and materials to invigorate these themes. Masks and shields are recurrent elements in Schatteman`s work.

EXPO: from 20/05/2018 till 17/06/2018 
Bliep-Bliep Art Gallery

Title: Ater the game
Size: 15cm x 30cm
Material: Clay
Price: €750

Title: Clay works
Size: +/- 30 cm
Material: Clay
Price: €50 per mask, €100 glazed mask

Title: Shrew I
Size: 30 x 30 cm
Material: Glazed clay
Price: €500

Title: A sunny day in May
Size: 10cm x 30cm
Material: Clay
Price: €400

Title: The sisters
Size: 10cm x 20cm
Material: Clay
Price: €300

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