Annie Gansbeke

Born 1951, Ghent Belgium
Currently works and lives in Heusden, Belgium
Plastic arts and sculpture Academy Ghent

Her professor Albert Vermeiren gave her the love for “the profession”. The art forms that Annie Gansbeke practices are oil on canvas, watercolor, glacis, charcoal and ink sketches, sculptures and batik.

Nature is always recurring in her oeuvre. She observes and reflects every impression with enthusiasm, which usually results in monumental canvases with a strong recognisability. Through discipline and technique, her works, like Annie herself, are soft and powerful. Wonderfully united in a strong unity.

In the world that is becoming faster and more complex, Annie Gansbeke is looking for the pure elements to give a sober and powerful expression to the essence of her work. She applies this in her drawings, paintings and – in her sculptures of glass and steel.

With playful but powerful lines, warm orange-red color surfaces, sometimes layered and then transparent again, annie gansbeke seeks to create a harmonious whole time and time again.

She like to give the spectator the feeling from passion in a sooting composition.

EXPO: from 08/12/2018 till 30/12/2018
Bliep-Bliep art gallery


New life, by Annie Gansbeke, corten steal, murano glass €396


Untitled, by Annie Gansbeke, oil paint on wood, 24×24 €159



Life, jewellery 18k gold, handmade by Annie Gansbeke



Postcards, 5 for €10






Amazing, by Annie Gansbeke, 160×110, oil paint canvas €3500