Lorenzo Cattaneo

Born 1984, Ponte dell’Olio, Italy
Lives between Milano and Ghent
Studied in Academy of Fine Art of Brera, Milano

After my studies in painting at the academy of fine arts of Brera,
my artistic research was interspersed with numerous work experiences in the field of decoration that led me to travel to many construction sites around the world.

These experiences have stimulated constant research and a keen attention to very different materials.
An aspect that is strongly linked to my artistic research.

In making art I love playing with matter, in an attempt to get to know it in depth, being fascinated by how it changes over time.

I love to trigger processes of interaction between elements and materials that make up my artistic works, to complement their meanings.
My presence respect to these processes is discreet and observational.
7.6 is a welcoming observation post.

7.6 will be showed at Bliep-Bliep art gallery from 24.05 till 05.07.2020