Manon Raman

Manon Raman

Born 1996 Wetteren, Belgium
Currently works and lives in Niamey, Niger

60cm x 80cm 
In custom made wooden frame


40cm x 50cm
In custom made wooden frame


Manon Raman is a self-taught artist born in Belgium.
She started painting at age 21. Since then she has had 3 solo expositions in Niger and 1 in Belgium. (2 by July)

Her work is colourful, textured and often a bit abstract. 

At age 23 she moved to Niger where she started painting full time. She has always been drawn to paint women and that fascination continued in Africa where she got inspired by the women of colour who wear vibrant and colourful clothing. Whilst there she also started making more abstract pieces as well as personalised portraits of people and animals. 

She will soon be moving to New York, following her diplomat husband.

Next exposition: 16,17 & 18th of July 2021, Resonans Gallery Gent