Hugo Moeraert
Draftsman, etcher
Born 1953 Ghent
Curently lives in Heusden, Belgium
School of science ’65-’72
Drawing and etching KASK ’78-’84
Member from ‘ De Zwarte Panter’ Antwerp since ’86
Profesor in Pomology

The past is a foreign country.
The appeal of Mugo is that he always remains twelve years old.
In addition to his graphic work with diverse themes like judges, lawyers, castles and bordellos, flying fish, magicians and jugglers, often with erotic overtunes, the artist also builds installations having to do with his oeuvre. His works exude a touch of aristocracy.
Mugo is a refined bon vivant, philosopher, magician, illusionist, fisherman of large and smaller pike and a member of the magicians club of London since 1976.

Dive in to the magic and discover some of his work, additionally with magic attributes and a secret message….