Nicole Gigatti

Visual Artist
Born 1986, Fidenza, Italy
Currently lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
School of Arts Utrecht, the Netherlands

Nicole Gigatti in her current work is researching the bounderies through language. What is language in a society where it has become more important than ever to communicate through social media? She feels we are losing the true connection with ourselves and the people around us.  

Nonetheless she feels we are bind by our collective sub-consciousness in a world where individuality is the common standard. In her drawings she purposely depicts this individual, intrinsic dialogue that finds its way through human body, also known as body language. Gender, cultural background and social status has become subordinate to the human interpretations she eleborates.   

Every drawing zooms in on situations from daily life. The more abstract the image, the closer you get to the intrinsic experience. In that way she shows life is a spiritual experience in which we progress through trial and mistakes. The process of our own life which is based on practice, discipline and an open mind.    

The characters are expressed in a calligraphic manner, making the creative process a meditative experience. Each line is preceded by a conscious process, in which she finds a degree of balance to place the perfect line. The simplicity in its form and repetitive quality shows a degree af stability, but also shows the vulnerability of the moment itself. If an imbalance is present, this immediately shows. In this way her work becomes an abstract, but realistic representation of her personal emotions and thoughts. This dialogue finds its way out through the artist’s expression.

The calligraphic quality, becomes a language relating to her individual and collective consciousness.

Since Nicole Gigatti was a child not older than two, she wanted to show the world what she perceived, making big gestures screaming ‘La’ all the time, meaning ‘There’ in Italian. Her Dutch family did not understand what she said, but with her body language and persuasiveness she made them listen and see. Before she could speak, expression became her first language. Eventually with pencils in her hand she forgot there was even an outside world to communicate with. 

Born in Italy in 1986 and moved to The Netherlands in 1992, getting separated from her Italian roots she needed to adapt quickly, since the kids of her school were not so fond of this eccentric new kid. From that moment she moved on average once every 1,5 years. Changing new surroundings, people, friends, languages and behaviour stimulated her capability of adapting herself.  

However, these experiences made her also question about her real identity. One thing she was sure about that the way she dressed made her stand out, because she was able to express without words. So she decided to go to study Fashion communication at the Art academy in Utrecht. Graduating with complete autonomous artworks, her teachers were convinced about her work, but wondering where her fashion left off?!

In her adolescence she struggled with life, looking for answers in party-life where her brother took her in, she completely fell of the grid. Feeling disconnected from people, from joy and especially self-love. A few years later she understood she needed to change, going back to child that she was, having a passion for drawing, being self-confident, expressive and caring less about other peoples opinions. 

The best she knew how to change her life was by leaving Amsterdam. She took a leap of faith and exchanged the big city for a small town, renting a big studio and a big anti-squad place to live in. During these next years, she would have her mental space to work through her struggles, to create, to learn and to grow. Contemplating about the art she made, she learned to regain her expression, to learn how to structure her life, how to move back from an underdog to a confident person. Art was the key to this positive state of mind. 

During these years she developed a way to use her art as language, only known to her giving answers to questions. Nicole Gigatti thus became an autodidact, able to share her authentic identity through art and in her teachings as yoga instructor. Art became a discipline she is able to read as a language. A language that changes with time space and experience.