Priscilla Acquah-Arhin

 Priscilla Acquah-Arhin

Visual artist
Born 1994, United Kingdom
Currently works and lives in the United Kingdom
Graduate in fashion and design

Sunflower girl 
MDF acrylic and metalic painting the middle is made from glass .
Self-explained image of face merged in sunflowers, comes with or without gold frame.


Spirit glow 
Canvas acrylic painting on wax print fabric
Where there is darkness be the light.


I am a West African artist born in England. Currently I am based in England. I am an expressionist artist, who uses acrylic paint promptly in my work.  My current art collection is based on my west African heritage from the country Ghana. Using traditional kente and Ghanaian fabric patterns in background of my work brings forth not only colour but a sense of history and tradition, to the paintings. I use Minimal colours white and black as expressive tools to show movement in the paintings and a form of life.  

With art I bare my soul on the canvas, my thoughts and feelings come to life.

Priscilla Acquah-Arhin